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Technological Hub


Located at the very entrance to the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management (GGFBM), the Innovation Gateway Technological Hub welcomes all visitors to an environment of creativity and novelty around-the-clock. 

The shared open space serves as a frontline for activities and facilities designed to attract innovators who roam the campus searching for direction in becoming knowledgeable and capable entrepreneurs.


24/7 Shared office space

State-of-the-art technology, donated by Intel

$2,500 in Amazon Web Services credits​

Relevant lectures and workshops on technological topics

Access to leading business & tech mentors


Please complete this form if you're interested in becoming a member of the Innovation Gateway Technological Hub.

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The Innovation Gateway Technological Hub is open to students, alumni and staff from BGU, and many of its services are open to the general public!

Students & Alumni of BGU

  • Discover the most advanced technologies and utilize them to innovate!

  • Lead your project, startup or groundbreaking technology


Researchers & Lecturers

  • Teach and explore in a setting of creativity and innovation

  • Expose your students to the next generation of education

BGU Communities

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship come in many forms. We believe that communities are a great way to explore, learn and create together.

  • The Bengis Center supports many collaborative communities, such as BGU Devs and DiSCo. Members of the communities have direct access to the Hub.


Anyone with an entrepreneurial mind 

  • Want to promote your business/project/enterprise? Don't be limited by lack of access. Many activities in the Hub are available to the public.