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E-Blast Makes a Splash

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

It is no secret that the e-commerce world is growing rapidly and changing retail as we know it. It is projected that by the year 2021, 17.5% of all retail commerce will be in the form of e-commerce. With numbers like that, it is no surprise that Mark and Idan came up with an incredible idea, and with Mark’s background in software engineering and Idan’s in psychology and economics, they have all the necessary tools for their e-commerce-based startup.

Mark and Idan’s startup, E-blast, is an AI (artificial intelligence) copywriter that automates online marketing processes of platforms sale pages (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) in order to maximize conversion rate and sales. In other words, E-Blast will use self-learning algorithms to generate descriptions and change images to increase product sales, thus promoting economic growth in the E-commerce industry.

Yes, there are other services that provide a similar function, so how is E-blast different? Unlike traditional copywriters and designers, their software is based on machine learning and can analyze a large amount of marketing data while adjusting to its audiences. Right now, there are millions of products that are poorly presented or not presented at all due to lack of resources – E-Blast can change all that.

The overall goal for these two entrepreneurs is to revolutionize the e-commerce market, to make it more relevant to both buyers and sellers, while positively influencing the economy by increasing product sales. The two men attribute a lot of their growth and success to the help of their InnoNegev mentors. From them, they learned that what may seem like the obvious next step is not always the best and most efficient way to proceed. With this in mind, they are moving onto their next steps, continuing to make progress with their mentors as they develop a working prototype. We can’t wait to see the revolutionized online marketplace with the help of E-blast!

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