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A lot of free time on your hands? Take a page out of Michal's book

Meet Michal. The 24 year-old Psychology and Management student is one of five GGFBM students who got to participate in the virtual version of the FacultyXL internship this semester. For the past two months, Michal has been working with two startups – Pitch Career and NewRocket – to conduct market research in both Israel and the United States. To hear the startups talk about her, you’d think she’s been doing this kind of thing for years. But from Michal’s perspective, she’s learning everything from scratch.

Like most undergraduate students, Michal started school unsure of what she wanted to do after she graduated. Now that she’s in her third and last year, she’s still not sure what she wants to do next. She feels, as many students do, that a theoretical degree isn’t enough to prepare her for the real world.

So when she saw the FacultyXL internship on Facebook, she jumped at the chance to try something new and gain practical skills before finishing her degree. She has spent this semester not only collecting data, but analyzing it and turning it into usable information, something it turns out she does very well.

For someone who likes keeping active – running, dancing, doing yoga, travelling – it’s been good to have projects to put her energy into during the pandemic, and to discover a new skill on the way.

Though she still doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do after graduating, she now knows working in the startup world is an option. “If one of these internships turned into a job, it’s definitely something I’d consider,” says Michal.

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