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Bengis Internship

The Heart of your MBA Experience

Our Internship Program seeks to give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in local start-ups and incubators during their year of studies by capitalizing on Beer-Sheva’s thriving high-tech hubs and sustainable and social
enterprise scene, as well as the close proximity of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev to the Advanced Technological Park. The MBA International Program Internship Program provides students the opportunity to participate in a meaningful real-world project and expand their professional and social networks.

Interns participate in a non-credit bearing pre-internship training course that introduces them to the language and essence of a start-up. Work with the start-ups begins in the second semester. To support interns on their start-up journey, the program provides bi-weekly professional mentorship, continuous logistical support, and points of reflection to assess their progress and make any necessary adjustments. The flexible nature of the program allows students to work dynamically with start-up founders and tailor their experience so that it is mutually beneficial.


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make a


We'll ask both students and startups for your preferences and make a match!

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Attend the Impact 101 orientation and set the expectations for the rest of the semester.

Advantages of Interning with a Start -Up

Enrich your academic experience

by applying your classroom  knowledge in the field.

Gain valuable real-world
professional experience.

Smaller start-ups are less

providing greater
freedom to integrate into the
organization ad provide real value
to the organization.

Explore the Start-Up Nation

by working in a true start-up


forge professional
and social connections in the
Israeli market via the
organization, the mentorship,
and other opportunities and
points of meeting at the
Innovation Gateway.


  • 3 - Part Introductory Workshop (non credit bearing)

  • Start-Up Matching

Spring Semester

  • Experience - Spend 5-10 hours per week getting hands-on experience with an Israeli Impact Startup.

  • Mentorship and continuous professional support from the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Fall Semester





  • Introductory Workshop ONLY

  • Introductory Workshop + INTERNSHIP


4 - 25/1/2022

  • Meeting #1                                                                                                      4/1/2022

  • Meeting #2                                                                                                      11/1/2022

  • Meeting #3 + Start-Up Matching                                                                  25/1/2022


25/1/2022 - 10/6/2022

  • Expectation

  • Internship

  • Mentorship



"It was truly a unique, hands on experience. I worked directly with the founder of the start-up. Was exposed to the entire process, from business plan to promoting the idea in a specialty fair. The experience really gave me a clear grasp of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region, the challenges and the various ways one can get funding and have one’s idea come to life. If considering to jump the start-up wagon, doing this internship should be a MUST."

—  Nicoleta Bechis, Intern 2019

Meet the Interns

5th cycle - 2021


5th cycle - 2022

4th cycle - 2021

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