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Students from the GGFBM who are looking for experience working with a real-world impact startup have the opportunity to be paired with a startup and apply their skills.  Interns will be given the management tools needed to successfully run an impact startup.

The internship takes place online, lasts one semester, and is tailored to meet each business-intern pair's individual needs. Students should expect to dedicate 5-10 hours per week on tasks ranging from writing a business plan, to measuring impact, and more, depending on the nature of the partnership.


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Attend the Impact 101 orientation and set the expectations for the rest of the semester.


"It was truly a unique, hands on experience. I worked directly with the founder of the start-up. Was exposed to the entire process, from business plan to promoting the idea in a specialty fair. The experience really gave me a clear grasp of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region, the challenges and the various ways one can get funding and have one’s idea come to life. If considering to jump the start-up wagon, doing this internship should be a MUST."

—  Nicoleta Bechis, Intern 2019


Check back for updates as more startups join!

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3rd cycle - 2020-2021

VR Steps
Together Apart
i Comb
H2 Energy Now
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4th cycle - 2021

VR Steps
Rapid Farm
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Registration for the first semester is now closed. Check back for updates about the next cycle.

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