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Students from the GGFBM who are looking for experience working with a real-world impact startup have the opportunity to be paired with a startup and apply their skills.  Interns will be given the management tools needed to successfully run an impact startup.

The internship takes place online, lasts one semester, and is tailored to meet each business-intern pair's individual needs. Students should expect to dedicate 5-10 hours per week on tasks ranging from writing a business plan, to measuring impact, and more, depending on the nature of the partnership.


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"It was truly a unique, hands on experience. I worked directly with the founder of the start-up. Was exposed to the entire process, from business plan to promoting the idea in a specialty fair. The experience really gave me a clear grasp of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region, the challenges and the various ways one can get funding and have one’s idea come to life. If considering to jump the start-up wagon, doing this internship should be a MUST."

—  Nicoleta Bechis, Intern 2019


Check back for updates as more startups join!

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VR Steps

VRsteps enables people to inexpensively conduct rehabilitation at home by displaying the correct
procedures on their mobile or Android TV and with attached sensors monitor their progress both
locally and remotely.

Seeking: Marketing Intern


GreenSense is the first system that enables the business sector to bring the green indoors easily. We created a self care device suitable for every planter. Our technology senses the plants’ needs waters and fertilizes them, or ask for aid via cloud connection. With our tech plants remain healthy, green and alive.

Seeking: Business Development Intern


Quality control (QC) may be the keystone of the global fresh produce supply chain. But despite its importance, QC methods are still mostly manual, subjective, and inefficient. Clarifruit is changing this with an automatic QC and data analytics platform that powers a more accurate, consistent, efficient, and profitable global supply chain.

Seeking: Business Development Intern


Realize is an online platform which makes connections between traveling families based on travel preferences. Each family will complete a travel preference questionnaire. The software will offer partners based on the nature of the trip.

Seeking: Market Analysis Intern

i Comb

i-Comb provides the game-changing Smart Comb with AI based Apps.- using unique technological capabilities that provide unmatched accuracy and unlimited freedom. Our Comb allows creating, managing and sharing your own style, thus creating disruption to a huge market striving for innovation an the way fashion is created, distributed and shared. 

We combine and connect the human creativity and digital world in the field of hair styling. 

Seeking: Product Market Fit Intern

Together Apart

People are living longer and technology is developing rapidly. Why not take advantage of these two phenomena to combat loneliness among seniors? TogetherApart is developing a live video chat platform for seniors to communicate with their relatives, volunteers and other friends from their generation.

Seeking: Research Intern

H2 Energy Now

To leave the world better for our children and grandchildren. Renewable energy is not stored. We’ve found a way to store it efficiently and inexpensively. H2 Energy Now is developing the world’s most efficient and cost-effective hydrogen energy storage system. We have a working proof of principle prototype.

Seeking: Competitive Analysis Intern


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