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Students from the GGFBM who are looking for experience working with real-world startups have the opportunity to be paired with a local startup and apply their skills. Interns will be given the tools needed to understand the business aspects of launching a new venture to support startups in the process.

The internship lasts one semester and is tailored to meet each startup-intern pair's individual needs. Students should expect to dedicate 5-10 hours per week on tasks ranging from writing a business plan, to conducting market research, to performing a competitive analysis, and more.


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Meet your startup the first week of April and set the expectations for the rest of the semester.




Intern 2019

It was truly a unique, hands on experience. I worked directly with the founder of the start-up. Was exposed to the entire process, from business plan to promoting the idea in a specialty fair. The experience really gave me a clear grasp of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region, the challenges and the various ways one can get funding and have one’s idea come to life. If considering to jump the start-up wagon, doing this internship should be a MUST.


Intern 2019

My internship with a startup through the Bengis program was a unique opportunity to experience Israel’s special startup culture up close. It afforded me a real-world example of how startups go from an idea to a reality, and how difficult, long, and winding that path can be. The networking and learning opportunities through Bengis’ mentors and programs enabled me to meet entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors I never would have met otherwise.


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VR Steps

VRsteps enables people to inexpensively conduct rehabilitation at home by displaying the correct
procedures on their mobile or Android TV and with attached sensors monitor their progress both
locally and remotely.

Seeking: Marketing Intern


PI-Enroll® is a mobile app specifically designed for busy clinical practices and hospital wards in order to increase patient’s enrollment into clinical trials.

Seeking: Business Plan Intern


Using AI to help construction companies learn from mistakes and detect design errors during the pre-construction phase.

Seeking: Historical Data Analysis or MVP Development Intern


We are building an Interview-bot that is able to auto-interview candidates for specific roles, recommend positions and predict job success based on the Soft Skills, Cultural Matching and 

Technical fit to companies. The technology is being developed to think like a recruiter and recommend job suitability based upon a mobile video based pre-screening (Gamelike) process. 

Seeking: Business Development or Marketing Intern

Cool Wear Therapeutics

A startup company that develops and produces a personal cooling device. The device can be used for therapeutic or recreational purposes.

Seeking: Market Survey and Business Plan Intern


Our goal is to bring e-commerce and warehouse automation to the next level. We have designed a novel automatic picking and packaging system that overcomes the automation bottlenecks of modern e-commerce distribution centers.

Seeking: Management Tools and Marketing Support Intern


DiagnoseStickTM is a startup company that revolutionizes the way parents understand their family’s health by a new affordable home diagnostic system.

Seeking: Lab Work or Market Research Intern


NewRocket is developing advanced, environmentally friendly (“Green Propulsion”), rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology. Main market applications are in the aviation and space industries where our solutions may serve as a clean replacement for highly toxic space propulsion systems.

Seeking: Market Analysis Intern

Wet Scientific

Produces scientific instruments related to wetting and adhesion

Seeking: Business Plan and Marketing Strategy Intern

Funatix Club

Founded in 2015, Funatix is a technology company oriented to the development of online sport-management games.
By using methodologies from the online gaming industry with an enhanced game mechanism we are taking the classic sport-management games to the next level.

Seeking: Market Analysis Intern

Visitt is a state-of-the-art facility management platform dedicated for any built environment, creating operational excellence. We help facility managers optimize their field operations and grow their business efficiently.

Seeking: Market Research or Data Analysis Intern

Together Apart

People are living longer and technology is developing rapidly. Why not take advantage of these two phenomena to combat loneliness among seniors? TogetherApart is developing a live video chat platform for seniors to communicate with their relatives, volunteers and other friends from their generation.

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