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guest lecturers

Everything you need to know about joining the impact database.

An important part of the Impact Hub is our Impact Database, a collection of impact-related lectures in both English and Hebrew.

Do you have a lecture you want to add to the database?

the details

We're looking for lectures that have to do with impact entrepreneurship, impact investing, triple bottom line, sustainable management, creating shared value, circular economy, corporate social responsibility, or any related subject.

We recommend breaking your lecture into 20-minute segments and only allowing for questions after each segment, as opposed to throughout the lecture.

Upload a lecture or give us permission to record >>

bengis lecturers

If you are giving a guest lecture in a Bengis Center-related course:


Give us permission to record and upload your lecture.


We'll use the details from the form to make an event on our website and Facebook.

Tamar Guest Lecture.png


Give your guest lecture! We'll take care of the rest and let you know when the video is uploaded.

external lecturers

If you are giving a lecture elsewhere that you would like to upload to the database:


Record your lecture. We recommend simply recording the Zoom or online meeting you are presenting in.


Upload the video file and give us permission to use it on our website.

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