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FinTech BGU is a community for people interested in studying and exploring the new financial industry, which uses technology to revolutionize financial activities. The community is a platform for meetings that combine guest lecturers from the field and hands-on-group work. The guest lecturers present their area of expertise and a dilemma or difficulty their company or entity is facing. Then we, as a community, try to solve the problems, both conceptually and physically. 


FinTech (short for Financial Technologies), marks the revolution that has been going on in the financial world over the last decade. This revolution has led to a fundamental change in the day-to-day behavior of each of us and a change in the behavior of the financial institutions, such as banks. 

Our payment habits and financial transfers vary and have long since included- not only cash and credit cards-but also apps like Bit and Pepper-Pay. Other forms of payment are developing in the digital payment world. Loans are not only given to banks but also to peer-to-peer lending platforms. Funding for new companies is no longer only done on the stock exchange but also on crowdfunding platforms. Investment advice is not only provided by investment consultants but also by computers through robo-advisors. Even a new economy has developed thanks to crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin and then blockchain infrastructure. 

The FinTech community was established to enable the development of the new financial world, to encourage forward-thinking, to anticipate changes in the market, and to take an active part in this change. 

The combination of different disciplines allows for rich brainstorming and diverse group thinking. Our goal is to enable the creation of networking for those with a common interest and to develop the tools needed to work in this fascinating and innovative field. 

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Fintech BGU's Kickoff Event!

11.12.19 | 18:00

We invite you to an incredible meeting with Elad Shemesh, Co-Founder of Together, a joint venture company for social investments in groundbreaking ventures.
Elad will talk about the existing recruitment phases on the way to launching a startup, what is the right recruitment channel for each company according to the various parameters, sector, target market, trend value and more.
He will expose us to the real challenges that exist in the high-tech and fintech worlds and offer some possible solutions.

Karen Geva.jpeg

The Future of Banking

8.1.20 | 18:15

We invite you to hear from Karen Geva, Head of Innovation and IT Strategy at one of the biggest banks in Israel. Karen has specialized in FinTech for many years, advising FinTech startups and investors on product strategy.

Karen will talk about the changes to banking that will start in June - what open banking will look like and what its possible implications are.

Image by Joshua Aragon


19.4.20 | 17:30

Join us to hear from Paul Klein, CEO of VIDEA, and ask Paul any questions about FinTech in the capital market and investments in Corona times.

VIDEA is an investment and technology company from Leumi Group that specializes in portfolio management, which has set itself the goal of making investment management in Israel smarter, more accessible, transparent and fair. This is achieved through an advanced digital platform and the lowest management fees in the market.
Paul has 20 years of experience in the capital market and was the head of the investment department at Bank Leumi.


The Light at the End of Corona: Looking to the Future of Economics and FinTech

12.5.20 | 17:30

How will the economy and the Fintech world be affected by Corona? Is it possible to see the light at the end of the crisis? Who will ultimately benefit from it?
Join us to hear from Dr. Nadine Bodo-Trachtenberg, who served as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel until 2019, and ask her any questions about the future of economics and Fintech after the Corona crisis.

The whole world is wondering if the Corona crisis is over, what next steps it will bring, how the global economy and financial bodies will recover and what are its implications for our future. Dr. Bodo-Trachtenberg, an Israeli economist, highly knowledgeable in the world of economics and Fintech, has held numerous and senior positions in these worlds.

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Innovation in the Fintech World:

The Israeli and Global Markets

9.6.20 | 17:00

Yuval Tal - Founder and President of Payoneer Inc. will tell us how he founded the largest Fintech company in Israel. Hear about what challenges the companies he set up had to deal with, how they did it, and how all of this is connected to entrepreneurship in the Fintech world.

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meet our founders

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Gal Memia

B.A. student in Psychology and Economics at Ben Gurion University. Past experience in big corporations has shown me the importance of innovation and thinking outside the box. I am thrilled to take part in the next generation of economics - the fintech industry. I am most passionate about strategy, capital market and human behavior.


Libi Shlasky

B.A graduate in Economics and Psychology. Past experience working at the Cognitive Neuropsychology lab at Ben Gurion University, and the Behavioral Economics Advanced Team Lab (BEAT) at University of Padova, Italy as well as, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. I am enthusiastic about strategy, data and macroeconomics domains.

faculty leadership


Prof. Mosi Rosenboim

Prof. Mosi Rosenboim is the head of the Department of Management at the Guilford Glazer School of Business and Management. Mosi's current research interests are finance, behavioral finance, and regional economic policy. He sits on the Board of Directors of a public firm and has experience in economic and finance consulting.

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