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What is it?

A platform for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet, share knowledge, and learn from each other and industry experts.

Many entrepreneurs come to Israel from abroad to take advantage of the innovation ecosystem of the Startup Nation and all of the support it has to offer. The English Entrepreneurship  Network of the Negev is a place for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet fellow non-Hebrew-speaking entrepreneurs and gain access to the range of support already available for Hebrew speakers.

What Does it Offer?

  • Monthly meet-ups between English-speaking entrepreneurs to share successes and challenges

  • Guest lectures in English about key business tools

  • Access to the Innovation Gateway Tech Hub workspace

  • Professional support from the Bengis Center staff

  • Connection to a pool of expert mentors

  • Network of fellow English-speakers starting or running businesses in the South

  • Introduction to other services and programs available in the region

  • Updates about relevant events in the area

So how do i sign up?

The Network is open to anyone interested in meeting entrepreneurs and learning about small business management in English. As a member of the Network you will stay up-to-date about events and services available to you in the Negev, including the Network's own six-part lecture series.

Get In Touch

upcoming events

All meet-ups will start with time for mingling and food, followed by a lecture and a hands-on activity. Check back here for updates or join the Network to stay informed about all upcoming events!

Business People Mingling

Join us for the opening event of the English Entrepreneurship Network of the South. Meet other members over pizza and learn about the resources available to small business owners in the Negev. You'll hear from representatives of the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, NBN Go Beyond-South, Eretz Ir, Merkaz Klita and the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management about the services they have to offer. We'll end the evening by speed-networking - like speed-dating but for meeting other entrepreneurs!

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January 28 | 18:00 | BGU, Building 15, Room 001

Opening Event - Meet the Network

Men with Calculator

Hear from an expert and get all your burning tax questions answered. What forms do you need to fill out and which government offices do what? What's the difference between Osek Patur and Osek Murshe?

February | 18:00 | BGU, Building 15, Room 001

Taxes and Legalese for Small Business Owners

Bright Idea

So you have an idea for a business, or maybe you have a business in its early stages, but you're not sure about its chances for success. How do you make sure your business idea is meeting customer needs and that it will keep meeting customer needs in the long term?

March | 18:00 | BGU, Building 15, Room 001

How Do I Know if My Idea is a Good One?

Laptop Keyboard

If you're a small business owner, then you know that time is money (and money is limited). How do you reach new customers and spread your message without paying for expensive services or spending hours that you don't have? This workshop will give you tips and tricks for how to think about marketing and make the most of social media without breaking the bank.

April | 18:00 | BGU, Building 15, Room 001

Marketing (Without Breaking the Bank)

Image by Perry Grone

Traditional business thinking focuses on the short-term - what will my profits be this month? Where can I cut costs? But the culture is changing; as more and more studies and case studies show, stepping away from the traditional bottom line and focusing on a triple bottom line - people, planet and profits - is actually good for business and leads to long-term success.

May | 18:00 | BGU, Building 15, Room 001

Sustainable Thinking for Businesses

Image by STIL

This lecture and workshop will take you through a step-by-step financial forecasting process for your business. Walk away with clear next steps and a better understanding of the financial aspects of running your business.

June | 18:00 | BGU, Building 15, Room 001

Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

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